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Capt. Randy Rode

By Randy Rode, Jul 23 2017 08:38PM

This week quite a few blue marlin were caught here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. July, August, and September are my three most favorite months during the summer for the blue marlin bite.

I used to think the big bite was just around the full moon, but this last flurry of activity has been just prior to the new moon, really proving that the moon is really not that important, regardless of what a lot of experienced fishermen like to believe.

My philosophy is, “Time Spent at Task”…..the more fishing time you put in, the better you will do.

We have some trips coming up this week and next, and expect some really good action to report.

Meanwhile, we have been doing quite well with bottom fishing and deep dropping, according to our customer`s requests.

Plenty of nice queen snappers, yellow-eyes, and Cardinal snappers, along with groupers, and a variety of bottom dwellers.

FB Msg me, check out the website, or just call me on the phone at 1-809-464-1557.

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By Randy Rode, Apr 2 2017 11:11PM

A lot of times after a day of trolling for blue marlin, Dorado, wahoo and tuna, our clients like to go for something different

Or......Sometimes when the pelagics aren`t biting too well, for whatever reason, I am asked if we can catch anything! Especially some species that are good to eat.

Well.....that is where deep fishing, known as deep-dropping comes in, it is productive, exciting and fun, you just never know what is going to come up!

We have a very good set up for fishing deep, a commercial model Electramate electric reel paired up to an 80W Penn International SVX, filled with 3,000 yards of 250` Spectra.

My other rig is a solid fiberglass, wire line rod, paired with a Penn International 30W, and it is retrieved with a "Reel Cranky", a cool device that clamps onto the reel handle, fits in the chuck of a cordless drill and does the cranking for you. It is a great compromise between pure electric fishing and manual.

We use a variety of weights, 1" re-bar, from 2# to 10# depending on the conditions. We fish in anywhere from 600` all the way out to 2,000` or more. It is a blast.

All the species we catch are good to eat, including queen snappers, mystic groupers, cardinal snappers, short big eyed torso, cardinal snappers, yellow-eyed snappers and many other exotic species.

Try this sometime, it is productive and fun.

Capt. Randy Rode....Fishing professionally since 1970


By Randy Rode, Jan 27 2017 09:00AM

. . . are producing good numbers of Dorado, Wahoo, and Tuna. All the time and effort and money we have invested in these FADS is really paying off. The deepest FAD we have placed so far is in 7,000` of water depth, nearly two miles deep, and is holding more than two miles of rope.

This particular FAD can move as far as a half a mile or more, according to the current and wind conditions, so sometimes it takes a bit of looking around to find it, but when we do, there is almost always fish around.

We work together very closely with the local fishermen concerning protocol for fishing these spots. The first one to arrive gets priority unless the second boat is the owner of the FAD, then the owner gets preference, although sometimes when we are all catching fish, it doesn`t seem to matter, as we are all busy hauling in fish.

As in all places in the world, nothing ever works perfectly, and there is always one or two boats that want to say they own the ocean, we just ignore them and go on about our business fishing.

Life is too short to fight over one or two fish.

See you soon for the fishing experience of a lifetime, right here in our hometown of Cabrera, and “Un-Discovered Paradise.”

Capt. Randy


By Randy Rode, Jan 25 2017 09:43PM

We are right at the peak of Dorado season, and the fish are EVERYWHERE!. All our FADS are producing fish, and the recent NE winds are bringing the fish closer to the edge of the drop-off every day!

We have been using our Sea Surface Temperature, (SST) service to great advantage.

When I get up at 4:00 AM to start getting ready for the day, the first thing I do, after my cup of coffee, of course, is to consult and look for temperature breaks, concentrations of chlorophyll and other indicators of where the fish may be.

Then I use the software on the SSt site to fix my point of origin, and then put my cursor on the temperature break I want to fish for that day.

I always have my hand-held GPSl handy, so I then enter the Latitude and Longitude as a temporary waypoint, giving me a destination to shoot for during the day.

These temperature breaks almost always hold Sargasso weeks, and subsequently lots of sea life, Dorado, Marlin, Tunas, Bonitos, and other pelagics.

We have this fishing down to a science. This year marks my 10th year fishing the waters of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, and my 47th year as a professional Captain.


These are just the biggest of the Dorado we caught this day with Andy Daniels and Dan Carvill, my good fishing buddies. We take all the smaller fish and donate them to the locals, our way of giving back to the community.

Hope to see you soon, Randy

Capt Randy Rode

North Coast Sportfishing and B&B

Cabrera,North Coast, DR


By Randy Rode, Jan 8 2017 07:56PM

This week has been spectacular for offshore fishing on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. We are getting reports all up and down the coast of a red-hot blue marlin bite, with some boats getting more than 20 bites a day and releasing up to 10 or 15 blue marlin in a single day of fishing.

Along with the big blue bite, we are seeing good numbers of dorado around the FADS, around three to seven miles offshore.

I have been catching most of my fish in 7,000` of water, which is only 7 miles offshore, a quick, fast-troll to the bite.

Throw in a few wahoo bites, king mackeral, Spanish mackeral, jacks, barracuda, groupers and snappers, inshore, and the day is complete.

In addition to running charters on our 30` boat, “VAMOS”, we are also offering panga trips on “NATHANAEL”, our 19` native boat, and catching `em up for economical and affordable fishing.

Catch us on Facebook or Twitter at North Coast Sportfishing and B&B and Vamos Sportfishing DR.

Tight lines and good fishing, see you all soon, Capt. Randy

The photo is of a 200# blue marlin alongside the boat just before getting the hook out and releasing it.

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